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Posada Kermes 2022

Atchison Village Community Center
270 Curry St. in Richmond
1pm - 6pm

Precious moments create brighter futures

Welcome to Our Website

Our mission is to help strengthen the bond between parents and their children by encouraging them to participate in educational and creative activities together. Such as creative writing, attending sport events together, as well as educational sessions. We ultimately want to lead future generations to better decision making and brighter futures.

Who we are

We believe interaction and proper attention to your children will ultimately guide them to wiser decision making and brighter futures. Our goal is to help build a healthy foundation for future generations to strive.

What we do

Our philosophy is to unite families by having parents and their children creating together on a personal level.leading to an improved communication between each other.

How You Can Help

We encourage everyone who wants to volunteer and make a positive impact in their community to reach out and contact us.

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A Word from our Founder

My name is Mayra Diaz, I arrived to this country in 1988 and raised 3 beautiful children where with them I learned what is the true meaning of life and discovered the simple things that truly make you happy. We know that having those spaces for conversation,laughter, and memorizing are the moments that mark our lives. Our mission is to share this message through our Organization G.V.F.  

– Mayra Diaz